Ethician Church

The Universal Ethician Church is a worldwide interfaith-ecumenical church tasked by the one and only God of the Universe with protecting Creation from destruction due to the unparalleled escalation of human greed and ignorance which is destroying God's biosphere.

Its further mission is one of bringing peace and joy to the world by instilling in all of God's children, a deep respect for one another based on The Golden Rule of the New Millennium.

Please join us in the critical mission of defeating the greatest threat to ever face Planet Eden since the beginning of human history.

Unless we, God's children, join together in a common bond of love and respect for each other and respect for God by preserving and protecting all Creation, we will continue down the path to the final destruction of the very life-support systems which God has so generously loaned each successive generation until the complete self-induced collective suicide of the human species takes place.


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San Jacinto County Documents:

Open Records Request #1

Open Records Request #2

Documents sent to San Jacinto CAD from UEC on 5 February 2015

Exemption denials from San Jacinto CAD to UEC received 4 August 2015

Letter to San Jacinto CAD from UEC 14 August 2015


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